• Horse Riding

    Kob Inn is one of the few hotels along the spectacular Wild Coast, who have their own horses. We are perfectly situated to offer you a unique and memorable riding experience off the beaten track. The horses are well cared for, easy to handle, responsive and very willing. Each one special in their own unique way. We encourage that you participate in the feeding, grooming and saddling of your horse, which gives you a more hands on rewarding experience.

  • Nature/Hiking

    Explore a well-marked trail through a verdant, safe coastal forest reserve. Here you will discover bird, plant and animal life some rare encounters. A 6km walk along the beach to Mazeppa Bay is a truly unforgettable experience where anything from oyster catchers to cows may cross your path.

    Keep your camera handy because the photo opportunities will be plentiful. The Wild Coast Meander starts here at Kob Inn Beach Resort

  • Quad Bike Trails

    Our well-marked guided quad bike trails will delight your adventurous spirit. A whole lot of adrenalin and a whole lot of fun are rolled into one with this experience

  • Mountain Biking

    Take your exercise regime to a whole new level when you explore the scenic environment on a mountain bike. Bikes can be hired from the resort. The world famous Imana Wild Ride spend their first night here. Throughout the year groups of riders descend on us to travel these paths and maybe to find a “cheat”.

  • Fishing

    A fierce passion for many or simply a leisurely way to pass the time for others, the area around Kob Inn Beach Resort lends itself to fly, rock and surf fishing. The most common fish are Kob, Grunter and Springer. So prepare for a fun fight and be sure to invite one of our Gillies along so that you can benefit from their immense knowledge.

    Please don’t forget to purchase a fishing license for the Eastern Cape. Bait can be bought at reception.

  • Kids Activities

    Kob Inn Beach Resort is a FAMILY resort. The kiddies have their own playroom, dining room as well as trampoline and sand pit. The jungle jim is situated right next to the bar so a watchfull eye can be kept on them. Playing in the rockpools, swimming, boogieboarding and snorkelling are just a few of the things they can do – all day long.

  • Other

    Kob Inn offers a variety of facilities and activities to keep you and your family entertained from sun up to sun down. These include a tennis court, fresh water swimming pool, satellite TV, trampoline, full size billiard table, darts, table tennis, pool table, volley ball, canoes, motorised boats, private 600m grass airstrip and babysitting services. Or simply take in panoramic sea views as you crack open a bottle of bubbly in our bar situated on the edge of the rocks.

Beach Weddings

Choose a beach wedding, and take your vows to the rhythm of the Wild Coast Sea rolling softly only a few feet away. Submerge your toes in the cool sand with the ocean waters swirling around your ankles, as the wedding photographer captures your happiest moments.

Imagine walking down an isle where the ground is literally as soft as sand, and where your husband-to-be is waiting, surrounded by the glow of the setting sun. And to the Groom, imagine your beloved approaching you with the view of the ocean complimenting her exquisite beauty that will soon be yours to keep.

If you are charmed by the idea of a wedding on the beach, but sand is not your thing, then we can arrange for your ceremony to take place on the rocks leading into the ocean. Here the natural colour of the terrain is a beautiful compliment to your wedding.

There is also the option of having your wedding under the rustic thatched roof of the ocean-facing bar. This venue is ideal for rainy days.

Here at Kob Inn, your special day is sure to be as perfect as you have always dreamed.

Should you choose to enjoy your honeymoon at Kob Inn, there are many fun activities to bond over. Take a romantic beach horse ride and add a little adventure with a picturesque cycle.